Calliope ZOOM Class Kits

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Skill Level:
Peyote, RAW, and CRAW
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THESE ARE JUST THE KITS. You will have to sign up for class with Social Beadia here:

The Calliope Necklace is reversible so that it never flips upside down and is sparkling on both sides.  Using a combination of Peyote and Right Angle Weave create layers of colorful beadwork and set in different sizes of crystal squares and chatons.  Bead a slider bail and connect them all with a thin and slinky 3-sided RAW chain all pulled together with an easy-to-use magnetic clasp.  Connect the two sides of each using sparkly fire polish beads making even the edges pretty.


Skill Level: Intermediate students should be comfortable with peyote and RAW.


Kit includes: Japanese Seed Beads and Cylinder Beads, Crystal Square Stones and Chatons, Fire Polish Glass Beads, and a Magnetic Clasp.